How To Use WHM to Manage Your Clients’ Websites

For small businesses manage like- if you have one to two sites then Cpanel is great for managing your website. WHM offers you administrative access to the backend of Cpanel its many types of helpful and flexible tools, that help you manage the small website in a large range, heavy load sites, and more. With the Cpanel, many things are possible for managing sites. WHM and Cpanel is a combined tool because it’s made in by the same and one company. WHM has lots of benefits but one of the biggest benefits is it provides top-level security. Security is the first of all necessary thing for every website.  WHM provides tools set that helps you can easily manage your client’s websites such as you can easily manage and monitor your site, you can create customs hosting packages, Create, suspend and delete your cpanel accounts, and more.

Benefits Of WHM And Its Tools

  1. If any hacker try to your website hacked then WHM is increasing your client’s sites security
  2. If you run multiple websites and you need to take credit cards for sites then using WHM you can save lots of money, stress, and time.
  3. In one C panel run many domains, it’s not easy and you have faced many types of the problem by this mistake. We allow in one Cpanel you can run many domains but doesn’t mean this type you get always a big advantage. It is not always beneficial to do this.
  4. Access to look and change all of your DNS (Domain Name System) zones
  5. Permission to access server information and status to help with server management
  6. When you create a new account create your own default page
  7. customize your brand and hosting control panel with its help
  8. You can change domain names and usernames easily
  9. Move between multiple cPanels in your account, and change anything that doesn’t need SQL access
  10. Secure your system at various levels
  11. View, analyze, & diagnose server stats

Learn More About WHM

WHM and Cpanel are the two such as management tool that helps manage your hosting service every hosting company provide these tool and mostly recommended these also. It provides a web interface favorable to users which helps you easier to find the menu.

WHM software is mainly modified for the VPS server which usually offers fewer resources compare to dedicated servers. It’s a great tool to manage, WHM allows many C-panels users to be sole so that other users of site data be not affected.  Here I will tell you all functions of WHM.

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Server Configuration

  1. Basic cPanel & WHM Setup –
  2. Change Root Password –
  3. Configure cPanel Cron Jobs –
  4. Initial Quota Setup –


  1. Create Support Ticket –
  2. Grant cPanel Support Access –

Network Setup

  1. Change Hostname –
  2. Resolver Configuration –

Security Center

  1. Apache mod_userdir Tweak –
  2. Compiler Access –
  3. Configure Security Policies –
  4. cPHulk Brute Force Protection –
  5. Host Access Control –
  6. Manage External Authentications –
  7. Manage root’s SSH Keys –
  8. Wheel Group Users –
  9. ModSecurity Configuration –
  10. ModSecurity Tools –

Server Contacts

  1. Edit System Mail Preferences –
  2. Contact Manager –


  1. Change ownership of an Account –
  2. Edit reseller privileges & nameservers –
  3. Email all resellers –
  4. Show Reseller Accounts –
  5. View usage/stats and Manage Account Status –

Service Configuration

  1. Apache Configuration –
  2. PHP Configuration Editor –
  3. Service Manager –
  4. cPanel Web Services –
  5. Exim Configuration Manager –
  6. Manage Service SSL Certificates –