How To Uninstall WordPress From HostGator

There can be hundreds of reasons because of which you need to uninstall the WordPress from your hosting provider which is Hostgator. Some common reasons which usually customers face are restarting their websites by deleting WordPress and installing freshly or they switch their CMS and choose another one like Drupal, Joomla, etc. it doesn’t affect the way to removing WordPress from your server. No matter what the reasons are because of which you are going to delete WordPress from your Hostgator server.

Our step guides will teach you how to delete WordPress from the Hostgator in the right way and within some minutes. Here we know the way to delete your WordPress through manual action via Cpanel offered by Hostgator. This is a straight forwards way to completely remove WordPress and its file from your Hostgator Cpanel.

After installing WordPress on HostGator you can easily remove it by yourself even if you don’t have much coding knowledge & experience. Just follow our simple steps to remove WordPress from the HostGator Cpanel.


Steps To Uninstall & Delete WordPress From Hostgator Hosting

  • First just login to the Cpanel page of the Hostgator with your details. Once you successfully logged in to your control panel dashboard, then look for the files section by scrolling down. Once you found the file section then look for the file manager in it.
  • Click on the file manager and look for public.html on the left side. Once found, click on plus sign and then look for your domain name of which you want to delete WordPress.
  • Look for a wp-config.php file and then click on it. Once clicked then select editor tap on the top of this page. A new popular will appear and click on the Edit button. Then look for the database name at the top of the code. Copy the name of your Database and paste it into a safe place.
  • Then close the tab and then click select all and delete. Once deleted then again come on the cPanel page of the Hostgator and look for the database section. Under this section, look for the MySQL database and select it.
  • In this list, look for your database name which you copied in the previous step. Then delete it. Once you delete your database then scroll down and delete your user too. Congress, you just delete the WordPress manually via cPanel.