How To Transfer Domain To Hostinger?

In the hosting world, Hostinger is one of the most reliable and affordable providers with many great features. No matter the domain registrar, we are going to tell you how you can transfer domain to Hostinger from any other domain registrar.

Hostinger is very cheap in price and has super-fast servers. So, if you are fed up with your domain registrar company, then it’s time to change your Domain to Hostinger.

Best Way To Transfer Domain To Hostinger?

Before you transfer is important to check that the domain must be older than 60 days. Also, if it transferred ever before make sure that have a gap of 60 days to transfer it again to Hostinger.

Now let’s see how to move your domain from any domain registrar to Hostinger.

Automatic Domain Transfer

Hostinger provides a special service that’s the domain transfer. You just need to enter your domain name and click on transfer. You need to purchase it before using this service. Once done with that enter the EPP code and confirm to transfer.

Manually Transfer Domain To Hostinger From Any Domain Registrar

  1. Login to Hostinger hPanel and go to the dashboard.
  2. Click on Hosting from the top of the menu bar where you will see all the domains and your websites.
  3. Click on add website right above the domains that you have on this server.
  4. Once clicked you will be promoted to the next window where you have to choose the domain type, Domain, and a strong password. Here you have to enter the domain that you need to transfer on Hostinger. Click on Add button right below and wait to add the website.
  5. Scroll down to see the complete list of websites. Click on the manage button for the website that you have just added to transfer the domain.

You will get a pointing error.

  1. Visit the cPanel of your old domain registrar and from the dashboard, click on the Manage button in front of the domain.
  2. From the Nameserver option, select Custom DNS, and you need to add the nameserver.
  3. Copy both of the nameservers from Hostinger where you got the pointing error and paste it under the Custom DNS, and then click on the tick mark.
  4. It will take few days for all these changes to get into action.

Congratulations you have successfully transferred Hostinger free domain very easily.

In this way, you can easily shift a domain from Hostinger to GoDaddy and to any other.

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How Do I Transfer My Domain From Wix To Hostinger?

You can move any domain from Wix to your Hostinger server every easily. Follow the steps that we have discussed above or you can simply use the domain transfer service by Hostinger.

How Long Does It Take To Transfer Domain To Hostinger?

If you are going to transfer a domain then it usually can take up to 5-6 days for that. You can check the status of your domain from the Hostinger dashboard under the domain section.

You can request from the domain registrar to boost up the process.