How to Remove Hostgator Favicon?

How to Remove Hostgator Favicon
Get some tips and tricks to get rid of Hostgator favicon.

Hostgator is one of the most reliable and famous web hosting provider company in around the world. The demand for hosting services or products from Hostgator is always on a pick and there are millions of customers who buy hosting from Hostgator. So in this article, we tell you how to remove Hostgator Favicon? First, you have to know the meaning of Favicon that which is an icon that is used particularly for a website that shows a bar of a browser to the site or in front of the name in a list of bookmarks. Here you will get to know how you can easily change or remove Hostgator favicon in just simple steps.

Well, when you purchase any kind of hosting service from Hostgator, it set a default favicon to your website. The question is a rise that Can we easily change the Hostgator Favicon? Here we going to tell you one of the simple processes for a change or remove it.

Process of remove Hostgator Favicon

Here are the complete process of removing Hostgator favicon and yes, you can definitely remove Hostgator Favicon as according to you. So if you want to change to or remove it first you have to remove your new logo image of the website and then follow other steps which we tell you.

  • Create Favicon for your file: First, you have to make a new favicon of your file which is in the format of jpeg or png image. Then you have to convert into a specific resolution after this you can save this. When you create favicon of your file the one thing always remembers that the size of a favicon is ICO in 16x 16 pixels.
  • Then you can upload a favicon file in the folder of root: Now you have to log in to your Hostgator cPanel and find your manager link. Now click on this link and you will find your root folder. Then click on the upload button to upload a new favicon that you create and select the option of overwriting existing files. It will easily remove your Hostgator Favicon in the root directory.
  • Now you have to upload favicon file in WordPress theme folder: After uploading the favicon in the root directory, now you have to copy the favicon into the directory which as /wp-content-themes

Now you have to upload the favicon in the theme folder.

Edit Header.php

You can easily edit Header.php by using the WordPress Admin page. You can go to your and log in. Now go to in Appearance>Editor. After this you will get a warning message is prompt, and then you can select to process if you are confident that you can change the things you want to do if something happened.  Now you only have to add a code of 2 lines which is:

            <link rel=”shortcut icon” href=”/favicon.ico” type=”image/x-icon”>

            <link rel=”icon” href=”/favicon.ico” type=”image/x-icon”>

Finally you have to click on save button and save the changes which you made with your favicon.


The icon will change you only have to restart your computer and clear all the cache to save in the browser.

So that this is the simplest and easiest process of change the Hostgator icon within a minute.