How to Connect your Existing Domain Name to HostGator’s Hosting Servers

In this step-by-step HostGator tutorial, you will learn how to connect your existing domain name to HostGator web hosting servers, so when you visit your domain name from your internet browser, it loads the files placed within the shared web hosting space you purchase, when you create an account.

The process may be slightly different, depending on where you registered your domain name, but as with all reputable domain registrars, you will be able to access tutorials within their own support section, so it’s simple enough, but this tutorial will give you the basic idea of how it’s done.

As my domain name “” is registered with Namecheap, this tutorial will show you how I connected my domain to my shared web hosting server, on my own personal HostGator account, so let’s begin.

Do it with two easy steps

STEP 1: Get Your Nameservers From HostGator

When you signup for HostGator, you will be sent a welcome email that contains all the information related to your account. You will find your nameservers listed within that welcome email.

You can also log in to your control panel and find them within the right-hand sidebar near the bottom, under the “GENERAL INFORMATION” section, as shown in the screenshot displayed below.

Not all accounts will use the same nameservers, so using the ones that HostGator provided me may not work for you, so please don’t use these, as your nameservers will depend on the shared hosting server you are given when you signup. You are usually given 2 nameservers.

After logging into my control panel, I now know that the 2 nameservers for my particular server are:

STEP 2: Add HostGators Nameservers Inside Your Domain Management

After logging into my Namecheap account where I registered my own domain, I head on over to the “Domain List” section on the left-hand menu and click on the “Manage” button on the domain name that I want to use, as shown in the screenshot displayed below.

You will then be directed to the domain settings where you can click the drop-down menu and select “Custom DNS”, where you can enter the nameservers provided by HostGator, as shown within the screenshot displayed below.

After you have entered the nameservers, Namecheap will automatically save your changes, so you don’t need to do anything after completing the above steps, just in case you are searching for a save button or something like I used to do.

You have now successfully completed the only steps you need to complete to connect your existing domain name to HostGator’s hosting servers.

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