Does HostGator Offer the Free SSL in Hosting Plan?

Whether an SSL is paid or free this one is valuable in all aspects. An SSL certificate will make your website more trustworthy for all users. The HTTPS link shows that your website is SSL certified. So if you want to use The SSL certificate of Hostgator but you do need to pay for it then know about Hostgator Free SSL In the hosting plan. In the Hostgator Hosting plan you will get the best free SSL service. If you buy any of the plans of Hostgator then you will get the best free SSL certificate. So let’s Know about the SSL Certificate in brief.

What is an SSL Certificate?

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificate as its name says that will provide a secure layer to your website. It makes your website HTTP to HTTPS that is safe for all the buyers. This will make your website more powerful and valuable for all users. This will build the trust of your audience on your website. SSL will make your website detail and users detail safe, secure & secret.

Hostgator Free SSL Hosting Plan

Hostgator SSL Certificate

Yes, it is right that Hostgator offers a free SSL Certificate with its most valuable shared web hosting plan. Normally if you buy an SSL certificate with the shared web hosting plan then it cost $39.95/yr*. But In HostGator, you will get free service of SSL certificate. You can request a free SSL certificate with the domain through a live chat. It doesn’t matter which Hostgator shared web hosting plan you have. Either it hatchling plan, baby plan, or business plan. You will Hostgator Free SSL services in all Hostgator Shared Web Hosting Plan.

The Free SSL in the Hostgator is listed for a maximum of 90 days and that’s one of the reasons to choose HostGator Hosting. When it is expired then it will be renewed automatically.

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Why a website needs an SSL Certificate?

If your website contains information about your users in any form either it is personal information, credit cards, or any other login credentials details. With the help of SSL, you can keep them safe & secure from hackers and cybercrimes. When the site is secure then it will encrypt all the data and files sent across the internet. With this encryption, no middlemen will attack the personal information of your users. So for building the trust of your users and keeping all the information safe SSL certificate is necessary. So get the benefit of the Hostgator Free SSL Certificate and make your website secure for all the users. With the help of an SSL certificate make your HTTP site HTTPS easily.

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This one is the best web hosting provider so get the benefit of Hostgator & secure your website with the SSL. SSL certificate is best and necessary for all the websites or when you get this free of cost then this becomes a big advantage.