Difference between vps and dedicated server- which One Fits Your Business

What are the difference between VPS vs Dedicated Server Hosting
Is VPS server is best for your website or Dedicated Server?

Comparison between VPS and Dedicated hosting Plan: which one suits you Better

Among the different hosting plans, the top 3 hosting are always considered as the most popular and selected hosting plans. The 3 top hosting plans are shared hosting, VPS hosting & the dedicated hosting plan. In all the hosting plans you get different benefits and with some disadvantages also. Among all of them, the VPS and dedicated hosting plan are always considered as the most confusing selection. Because both of them have almost equal features. But still, there is some points which can be considered as the base of comparison between the two. Here we will discuss what that bases are and which one of them suits best for your business model.

Detail about VPS and Dedicated Hosting Plans

VPS Hosting vs Dedicated Server Hosting

VPS hosting stands for a Virtual private server where a limited amount of websites use the same server with limited resources and bandwidth. This hosting plan is suitable for small and medium-sized websites which is recently started their journey online. Unlike a shared hosting plan, VPS comes with better speed and restriction. Because on shared hosting there is not any legal restriction apply on the websites to use the resources of the server. But with VPS users allow using their limited and restricted resources. It little bit expansive then shared hosting but not like a dedicated server.

On the other hand, dedicated hosting is the first choice for large and huge size websites. In this hosting plan, your web host allows you a use a whole server according to your needs. On the whole, your single website is running and you can use an unlimited number of applications and resources on this hosting. A dedicated hosting plan is generally very costly than VPS and shared hosting plan and it is not right for small and blog websites.

Comparison between VPS and Dedicated Hosting Service

Both VPS and dedicated hosting comes with some pros and cons which become the base of their comparison on the basis of which we can decide which one suits better to your business. Let’s start the comparison between both the hosting plans.

Pros & Cons of VPS and dedicated hosting

VPS hosting is one of the most lucrative hosting plans for most of the websites and it offers optimum performance to them. And it comes with cheaper prices than a dedicated hosting plan. But still, with VPS hosting, you shared your server with other websites but there is only some restriction. The resources you get in a VPS hosting plan are not enough to match with dedicated hosting features. On the other hand, with dedicated hosting, you get great resources & incredible performance. And because it is the topmost plan of hosting so you do not need to upgrade for than it. The only cons of dedicated hosting are its price which cannot be easily affordable for small and medium-sized websites.

Resource allocation in VPS and dedicated server

As there is nothing wrong with sharing your online space with other unknown websites. But if you want all the space then surely the VPS server is not for you. Because in VPS hosting your hosting space is shared with a limited number of websites that have limited control on their server. While in Dedicated hosting you can full access on a whole server. And you are allowed to use it accordingly. You have 100% control over your space and there is nothing like sharing in dedicated hosting. Dedicated is right for large size websites that have thousands of posts and images on their websites and need greater space on the web.

Which one is more secure: VPS & Dedicated?

As security reason is one of the major reason which most people considered while selecting a web hosting provider. So it should be a valid point in comparing VPS and dedicated hosting plan. As you share your hosting space with some unknown websites in VPS hosting so there can be a chance that because of the carelessness of somebody, your website may be affected. But still, because of the limitation of members, VPS hosting is considered more secure than a shared hosting plan. On the other hand, in a dedicated hosting plan. You are the only owner of the server and nobody can harm your website. So it is more secure and safe in comparison to the VPS hosting plan.

Which one performs better between VPS and dedicated hosting?

Performance is another best way to comparing any two hosting plans. Because having a good performing Webhosting plan is essential for a good performing website. as in VPS hosting you get limited resources which is pretty enough for small and medium-sized websites. But when it comes to a huge size website, you need a better-performing hosting plan which is surely dedicated. As in this hosting, you get a whole server for single website use. so it is surely performing better than the sharing server.

Price comparison between VPS and dedicated

We all know the winner of this comparison base. Because the server offered by VPS hosting is shared so it cost us lesser than the shared hosting plan offer by dedicated. Because in dedicated hosting we get a whole server for our single website without any limitation or restriction. That’s why on the comparison of price base, VPS is our Winner which costs cheaper than dedicated but when it comes to comparing the price of VPS server with a shared hosting plan, then Shared hosting will win the game.