What is the difference between Cloud, VPS & Dedicated hosting?

Cloud, VPS, and dedicated is the category of hosting. In this article, we’ll read about what is the difference between the three hostings? Before knowing about these hosting, we need to know what is web hosting and in the next heading, we’ll read what is web hosting and what is the difference between cloud VPS and dedicated hosting?

What Is Web Hosting?

A Web Hosting service also called an internet hosting service that gives permission to individuals and organizations to make your website through the WWW(World Wide Web). When you are created your individual or organization so you will need an online server to upload your media like photos, videos, pages that work 24 hours a day. So, other people can access it. Website hosting is the service that helps you upload your website theme, data upload on the online server. If we are using website hosting so we will need a powerful server that can work 24 hours without any problem or it should always be connected with the internet.

Since we can’t maintain these types of maintaining servers because its price is very high that’s a reason we depend on different types of companies for hosting. There are different types of hosting we are purchase web hosting that is suitable for us and according to our needs. Web hosting companies have their own Powerful server, technology, and there highly educated staff. There are three main website hosting is cloud Hosting, VPS Hosting, and dedicated hosting. We will read more about these three types of hosting.

What is Cloud Hosting? Why Do People Choose It?

With the VPS and dedicated you have always a problem is the limitation of storage and resources. However, there are many websites that don’t reach the limit of web hosting, but sometimes websites’ content goes viral and incidentally increases more traffic.

In this situation, VPS and dedicated servers don’t handle it. But in the same situation cloud hosting easily handle it, because in the VPS and the dedicated server has only one server but in the cloud hosting many servers together host a single website. Last few years Cloud Hosting’s demand increase because high volume traffic doesn’t influence your website’s landing page speed.

Which Person Should Purchase Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting is a very customizable hosting solution for those people who have a high volume of traffic on their website. If you choose Cloud hosting so you can easily manage your disk space and memory according to your need. This is the best hosting for organizations and bloggers and that person who faces traffic spikes problems from time to time.

What Is VPS Hosting?

We can saw VPS hosting is the mix-up of shared hosting and dedicated hosting. In the VPS server, you have a dedicated server but it is a virtual server, not a physical server. In this model, one server is divided into many virtual servers. The company gives one virtual server for one website and you have only the right of that part. In VPS hosting you can get more storage, computing power, and bandwidth compared to other shared hosting.

That’s a reason VPS hosting’s page loading time is faster than any shared hosting. It isn’t better than dedicated web hosting but it is better than shared web hosting. If you know that on your website high volume traffic comes you also know that VPS hosting has some limitations.

Which person should purchase VPS Hosting?

Low-volume traffic websites can avail of the benefits of VPS hosting. If now you are using shared web hosting and you feel your website speed regularly decreases so you can transfer your domain on VPS hosting. VPS is the better Webhosting comparing to Shared web hosting.

What Is Dedicated Web Hosting?

In this Model, you have the full right to the dedicated server. Its many benefits but it are more expensive if you are comparing to another web-hosting because the entire server only listed your website so you can fully control the whole server. You can change the operating system and its other setting. But second side dedicated hosting has one profitable point is that you can save your website from high traffic damage. If you have dedicated hosting so, your website’s speed doesn’t decrease from high traffic.

Which person should purchase Dedicated Web Hosting?

A website that has a lot of traffic should get a dedicated hosting server for its website. If you have an eCommerce website and on your website lots of traffic so you need to purchase dedicated hosting. In this hosting, you have enough disk space and it easily maintains high volume traffic on the website and is the best Webhosting for eCommerce. Below is a short difference between VPS, Dedicated, and cloud hosting that helps you to know which one od better for you.

VPS Hosting Dedicated Hosting Cloud Hosting
VPS hosting is the mixed-up of dedicated and shared web hosting. In this model, you will get a virtual server, not a physical server. It is the best for beginners and those websites that have low volume traffic. In the dedicated server, you will get full control of the server you can change in their operating system and their setting. Dedicated hosting is more expensive compared to other hosting. It is the best for those websites that have regularly high traffic and for e-commerce websites. Cloud hosting is for those websites’ content that goes viral and incidentally comes with a high volume of traffic. In this situation, VPS Hosting and dedicated hosting can’t handle it. But Cloud hosting can easily handle it and doesn’t decrease website loading time because VPS and the dedicated server have only one server but in cloud hosting many servers host a single website.

Conclusion – Difference Between Cloud, VPS & Dedicated Hosting?

These three web hostings are the best according to their specifications.

  1. Cloud hosting for those websites that have high-volume traffic and their content goes viral. In this hosting website owners easily can manage disk space and memory according to their needs.
  2. VPS Hosting for those people who are beginners and who have a low-traffic website. VPS hosting is mixed-up of dedicated and in this hosting, you will get a virtual server, not a physical server.
  3. Dedicated Server for that person who has a regular high traffic website because its price is very high and in this model, the company gives you one server only for your website.

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