Key Features to Check Your Web Host Provider Before It’s too Late

When starting an online project is crucial that you get the service you need. This is especially important if you run a business and expect your website to grow over the years. Clearly, you do want an affordable option that provides excellent performance and is fully reliable. However, you should check your web host provider features before you choose the right one.

Features That You Must Check of Your Web Host Provider

Bear in mind that using a web hosting service is a decision that may significantly affect your project’s development over at least a year. Therefore, make sure you clear out the following factors before going with any web hosting company.

# Price

Usually, this will be the first thing you’ll consider when you start searching for a perfect provider. Prices range and offer may include different features, so you first need to determine exactly what you need. Don’t fall into a trap of ‘unlimited storage space’ offer, which is frequently promoted by cloud providers, because this way you may easily end up with loads of resources you won’t really use. Similarly, you shouldn’t choose the cheapest hosting plan because, once your business flourishes, it may take more time to upgrade to a premium offer or migrate your data to another service.

# 24/7 Customer Support

Whatever you plan to do with your website, chances are you will need your provider’s assistance at some point. In case the service breaks in the middle of the night, you’d have to contact someone who is responsible for getting things back in order. Therefore, make sure the provider you choose offers 24/7 support so that expert assistance is always at your disposal.

things to Check Your Web Host
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# User reviews

Even though a provider’s website may be the best place to get the information about its services, you could probably find out more if you checked user reviews on reliable independent websites. There you can find out about all the possible problems and ways to solve them.

# Features

Clearly, you want your website to have all the functionality that would enable your business to run smoothly. Most web hosting providers will offer a ‘special feature, something that distinguishes it from all the other companies in the niche. It may be server uptime, cloud backup, or domain privacy. Check on the companies to discover what is it that you could profit from the most.

# Growth potential

One thing that is common to ‘infant’ websites is that it may be difficult to predict at which rate they will grow. However, any website owner needs to make sure his or her provider offers enough growth options for web starters. Cloud hosting providers offer excellent possibilities in this respect because the technology they operate on allows them to scale server resources more easily than shared hosting providers.

# User Interface

Finally, you should take the user interface or control panel into consideration. So you’d make sure you’d be able to manage your website easily. If you have some previous experience with cPanel. For example, you’d probably want your new provider to use this one for making modifications. Also, even if you have no experience whatsoever, you do want a neat and intuitive interface. This is a good enough reason to take this feature into consideration, too.