Cheap Hostinger Minecraft Server Hosting Plans

What is Minecraft Server Plan?

Minecraft is an adventure video game, popular worldwide since its release in 2011. It mines the blocks to players and then prepares them the way they like. In this server hosting, there are multiple game modes and multi-player versions are available. As of mid-2018, it boasts more than 91 million active monthly players. It is widely considered to be one of the most popular video games of all time, selling over 177 million copies across platforms and devices worldwide. If seen, in the last few years, Hostinger Minecraft Server Hosting has done a great job for its customers it provides seamless offers too. Hence, make your Minecraft gameplay amazing without any problems and get more views through your video content with the help of pro editing skills you get with the Clip Studio coupon.  The special thing about this server hosting is that it gives Web/FTP File Access, DDoS Protection, Free MySQL, and Multicraft Panel.

How much does Hostinger Minecraft Server Hosting Cost?

Hostinger is one of the best web hosting companies in India that gives you many plans for hosting Minecraft servers. If you are new to Minecraft and need less than 70 players, you can start with the basic Alex scheme. This gives you 2GB of capacity at 639 per month which is a huge 55% discount. There are also some other plans, we will tell you about each and every one. The next plan, is Villager Plan, in this, there are 100 players and you get 3GB of capacity at 925 per month and save your amount up to 67%.

Next is Creeper Plan, in this unlimited player which is really a good facility in this plan, also you get 4GB memory at just 1135 per month, and of course, there is a huge discount too i.e. of 68%. Another one is Herobrine Plan, in this unlimited players like the previous one and you get 6GB memory at 1705 per month and in this, you save your money up to 70%.

Last but not the least is the Enderman Plan, in this unlimited players and you get 8GB capacity at only and the only cost of 2129 per month, saving up to 77%. So, these are the all plans which we had described to you in detail. We think there must be no confusion now and all your doubts would be clear. If you are not believing in this then you may also go to the website of Hostinger and can see the Minecraft Plans there. All the plans which are written there and we’ve told you here are the same.

Customer Support By Minecraft

Customer support is always ready by the Minecraft Server Hosting, you can call whenever you need Minecraft. Even in the middle of the night you can call Minecraft and tell your problem openly. Minecraft Server Hosting is always ready to help its customers and solve each of their problems and fulfill them completely. It also gives you a 30-day money-back guarantee, so it is extremely a good option for all of you.

Minecraft Server Hosting understands how much trouble a customer has in using other company’s hosting, but trust the Minecraft that it will not be the same. It’s somewhat different and some good from other companies.