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How to cancel Hostinger subscription

How To Cancel Hostinger Subscription

Hostinger is one of the top hosting providers with lots of amazing features but the fact is that no host is versatile. If you are facing a regular problem then you must want to change your hosting provider. With a 30-days money-back policy you can cancel Hostinger subscription very easily. We are going to take…

How To Transfer Domain To Hostinger

How To Transfer Domain To Hostinger?

In the hosting world, Hostinger is one of the most reliable and affordable providers with many great features. No matter the domain registrar, we are going to tell you how you can transfer domain to Hostinger from any other domain registrar. Hostinger is very cheap in price and has super-fast servers. So, if you are…

HTTPS on Wordpress

How To Add HTTPS On WordPress?

Switching your site from HTTP to HTTPS is considerable. It is not only important to rank on the search engine. But it makes your website eco-friendly and safe for all users. It will encrypt all the data and files that are transferred from your user’s browsers to your server. This HTTPS tag in your website…