What is a Domain Name and Why it is Important


A domain name is the name of your website. A domain name is an address where Internet users can easily access their site. Search for computers on the Internet and use a domain name to identify. The computer has a variety of uses of IP addresses, which are given numbers. However, it is difficult for humans to remember a string of numbers. Therefore, instead of the use of domain names and developed IP addresses have been used to identify entities on the Internet. A Domain Name can be anything from letters and numbers, plus you use the .com, .net domain extension, and use it in conjunction with others. Your domain name must be registered before you can use the domain name. Each domain name is unique. Never two sites can have the same domain name.

Let me tell you that a domain name costs between $ 15-25 per year. Professional email from your domain name can make your business more trustworthy and can also give you a good boost in your business.

Why domain name is important?

To identify your unique web site, a domain name is required. The domain name must be unique to ensure that no two parties can ever take the same domain name because it can cause problems that the purpose of building your brand identity will fail. Your domain name is not only your identity but also your online business card. Unfortunately, such people lose their full online identity without understanding the domain name.

If you do not understand how this works, you can easily lose your domain name. Technically, domain names are used to identify computers on the Internet. As you know computers use Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. Therefore, for the purpose of identification, we always use a series of numbers. As many (IP) addresses exist, domain names are created to uniquely identify the website. If you do not have a domain name, your web address is translated into an IP number.

Choosing your domain name

Use words or phrases as domain names. When it comes to searching for some possible options, phrases are such a catchy or necessary word that you can easily remember potential customers and are perfect for driving traffic to the site. Use as much of a domain name as possible, it represents your website. For example, if you are a web developer, you should know that your domain name should be relevant to your products and services.

We would advise you to keep your domain name short. Choose between 5 and 20 characters to make it easier to remember a domain name. In addition to keeping it short, make sure that the domain name is spelled correctly, so it will help you avoid trademark issues.

How can you get a domain name?

How can you get a domain name?

How can you get a domain name with a domain name in two ways?

1.) Register the domain name yourself

2.) You get a web hosting service provider to register your domain name.

If you decide to manually register a domain name, the registrar you select will be the first step. Hundreds of registrars can be difficult to choose from and some of them can also reduce annual costs. If you are a web host you will have your own approved registrar for your provider to register a domain name. Because often providers, the information they need is readily available. The process can save time and effort.

Why register your domain name?

Private registration is encouraged to put phone calls and emails on the web. If you do not register, then your information becomes accessible to the public and you will become a potential target to send unwanted phone calls or emails from another company.

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