How to add HTTPS On WordPress?

Switching your site from Http to Https is considerable. It is not only important to rank on the search engine. But it makes your website eco friendly and safe for all the users. It will encrypt all the data and files that are transferred to your user’s browsers to your server.

This HTTPS tag in your website link make your website more secure, trustworthy, and make your website look good in the eye of the Google.

Below you will get all the information about the HTTPS site and the benefits it. Let’s know how to add https on wordpress.

What is HTTPS?

Many times you will hear about the HTTPS site but why it’s necessary and know about what it is for. On the many large scale website, you will see the HTTPS link. They prefer “Https” instead of “Http”. HTTPs sites are more trustworthy and eco friendly for the users. The all the details of the user are safe & secure with the HTTPs sites.

HTTPS stands for HyperText Transport Protocol Secure. If you want to make your website Https from Https then you must have SSL certification on it. This makes a secure connection between you & your users.  Any data and files that get exchanges over this connection get encrypted.

How HTTPs is beneficial for WordPress sites?

If you are thinking about why it is essential then get the benefits of it. You are going to use the services of HTTPs & all the benefits of it. The benefits of the HTTPS WordPress are:-

Benefits Of Https

  • Secure sensitive Information- if your users are using credit cards then your information must be secure.
  • Make your site trustworthy- Moving to HTTPS make your website more valuable and trustworthy for all the users.
  • Improve your SEO- Having an SSL certificate will help you in improving your website performance.

It seems that HTTPS is going to be the future of the web. By moving to the HTTPS sooner you will get the best & secure services of Hostgator.

How to move your WordPress site from HTTPS?

If you want to move your website from the HTTPS is very easy to manage. With the help of the best SSL certificate, you can transform your HTTP website to HTTPS website. So let’s learn how you can move your site from Http to Https.

How to move your wordpress from HTTPS

1.     Install Your SSL Certificate

If you want to make your website HTTPS then you required an SSL certificate. Hostgator web host provides you the best and free SSL service to all the users. In its hosting package, Hostgator Free SSL service is very valuable.

Hostgator Offer Free SSL certificate Services:- If you buy any of the Hostgator Web Hosting Plan then an SSL certificate is automatically credited to your account. But you have to follow the few steps to use that free SSL certificate of Hostgator.

If you are not having an SSL certificate in its package then you can install it easily. You need to follow some steps to install Hostgator SSL Certificate.

The installation of an SSL certificate depends on your host. But mostly you can install an SSL from the dashboard of the web hosting provider.

2.     Use SSL With Plugin

If you want to make your URL HTTPS you can make it easy with the help of Plugin. By using Really Simple SSL. When you add this plugin the all the URLs within your site settings and it will add 301 redirects from all the HTTP pages from the HTTPS pages.  So your all the users will automatically shift from HTTP to HTTPS pages of your website.

3.     Verify your SSL Certificate

You can easily verify either SSL is applied to your website or not. You only need to type HTTP URL of your website in the browser if its automatically redirect to HTTPS then your SSL certificate active on your site. This one is a very easy way to use the Hostgator SSL service.

Verdict Hostgator WordPress SSL Service

With the help of the Really Easy SSL plugin, you can easily switch your website from Http to HTTPS. So use the services of Hostgator & get the benefit of all the services that you want to use while using the services of Hostgator. Grab the opportunity of a Free SSL certificate and make your website more valuable and trustworthy for all the users.

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