1 Cent HostGator Coupon Code 1centOMG

If you have already decided that HostGator is the right web hosting provider for you, then use this 1 cent HostGator coupon code 1centOMG, which is active for SEPTEMBER 2017 and get your first months web hosting for a penny + use this coupon & get 2 FREE Logo Designs from our team!

How to use our 1 Cent HostGator Coupon Code
& get 2 FREE Logo Designs from our team…

STEP 1: Head on over to the official HostGator.com website and click on the big yellow button that says “Get Started Now!”, as shown in the image displayed below.

STEP 1 - How To Use The 1 Cent Hostgator Coupon Code

STEP 2: Now you will be presented with several powerful web hosting packages offered by HostGator, but if you want to get your first months web hosting for 1 cent & want to use our 1 cent HostGator coupon code, then you can select either the “Hatchling Plan” or the “Baby Plan”, as shown within the image displayed below.

STEP 2 - How To Use The 1 Cent Hostgator Coupon Code

QUICK TIP: We recommend the “Baby Plan”, as this package allows you to host unlimited domains, where as the “Hatchling Plan” only allows you to host 1 domain only. So if you intend on building more than 1 website, which most people do, or you want to host your websites and maybe your clients websites too, then the “Baby Plan” is ideal and extremely cost effective!

STEP 3: Once you have selected the right package based on your own personal requirements, you will then be taken to the payment options, as there are add-ons available to help you enhance your web hosting experience, although these are optional and not required for the standard plan.

If you don’t already own a domain name, then you will be asked to register a new one, which will cost an additional $12.95/year, if you register a new domain with HostGator. If you already own a domain, then you click on the “I Already Own This Domain” option, as shown within the image displayed below.

STEP 3 - How To Use The 1 Cent Hostgator Coupon Code

QUICK TIP: If you are using an existing domain that you own with another provider, then you will need to change the nameservers on your domain, so they point to HostGators servers and connect with your new hosting package.

The nameservers will be provided to you within the welcome email sent by HostGator, after you purchase your hosting package. Contact your domain registrar if you need help changing them, as the process can differ, depending on your provider.

STEP 4: You can now select the right billing cycle, as shown within the image displayed below, as if you want to use the 1 cent HostGator coupon code and get your first month for 1 cent, then you will need to select the monthly billing cycle, no matter whether you decide to select the “Hatchling” or “Baby” plan.

STEP 4 - How To Use The 1 Cent Hostgator Coupon Code

QUICK TIP: If you don’t select monthly billing and want to reduce the cost of your HostGator web hosting plan, you can use the 1centOMG HostGator coupon to get a discount of $9.94.

Alternatively, if you want to buy 12, 24 or 36 months hosting in advance to save more money in the long term, you can use the 25percentOMG coupon code to get an additional 25% discount.

STEP 5: Now you can scroll down and fill out your billing information, along with the payment method you prefer, which can either be a credit card or Paypal, both of which are secure and encrypted methods of payment.

Once complete, you can then decide whether you would like to enhance your web hosting experience with a selection of add-ons which include SiteLock Monitoring, Professional Email, Site Backup and an SSL Certificate. Non of these are required to use their web hosting services, but can be useful, depending on your own personal requirements.

You will notice that as default, SiteLock Monitoring & Site Backup will be automatically selected, so if you want to reduce the initial cost of your web hosting package right down to 1 cent, you will need to deselect these 2 options, as shown within the image displayed below.

STEP 5 - How To Use The 1 Cent Hostgator Coupon Code

STEP 6: Now we are on to the last step. All you need to do is enter the 1 cent HostGator coupon code into the coupon code section and click the validate button, as shown within the image displayed below. Once validated, you will notice the total price for your first month is now 1 cent.

STEP 6 - How To Use The 1 Cent Hostgator Coupon Code

To finish off, click the checkbox to verify you have read the Terms of Service, Cancellation Policy, and Privacy Policy, then click the yellow “Checkout Now!” button, which can be found at the bottom of the page to complete your order. Congratulations, you have now successfully got your first months HostGator web hosting for just 1 cent!

FREE BONUS ($49 Value): If you use the 1 cent Hostgator coupon code 1centOMG, you can also claim our exclusive FREE bonus, which includes 2 FREE Logo Designs especially for your website, so you can make a great first impression when people visit your new website. Please visit our contact page and tell us your domain name to claim your 2 logos from our design team today.

Frequently Asked Questions About HostGator & Our Coupon Codes

HostGator are one of the worlds most popular web hosting companies along with been one of the most experienced, as they have been delivering industry leading web hosting solutions since 2002, when Brent Oxley founded the company from his Florida dorm room.

Since then, the company has grown exponentially and now serves more than 500,000 customers and hosts more than 10 million domains. With so many people trusting them, it’s clear to see why this company is an ideal choice when it comes to hosting your own website.

If you look for reviews online, you will find that there is a lot of negative reviews, but also a lot more positive reviews, as you will find when researching any other large web hosting company, not just HostGator.

I have personally been hosting my own websites, and the websites of my clients for the last 10 years without any issues, which is why I recommend them 100%.

As you are reading this website, it’s clear to me that you are searching for the 1 cent HostGator coupon code. If that’s the case, then the best web hosting package offered by HostGator would be the “Baby Plan”, as you are able to host unlimited domains with unmetered bandwidth.

If you select the lowest priced package known as the “Hatchling Plan”, you will be restricted to hosting only 1 domain, which is why we recommend the “Baby Plan”, as the majority of website owners will more than likely want to build or host more than 1 website in the future and is more cost effective to have them all on one package.

Whether you want to host multiple websites just for yourself, or you want to offer hosting solutions to your clients, the “Baby Plan” is the most ideal and affordable solution available in the marketplace, which offers amazing value for money.

YES. If, for any reason, you are not pleased with the services, features or 24/7/365 support provided by the team over at HostGator, then you can request a full refund based on their 45 day money-back guarantee.

Please be aware that this 45 day money-back guarantee is only for shared, reseller & vps web hosting services and will not apply to dedicated web hosting servers, domain name purchases, admin fees or install fees for custom software that you may request, based on your specific server requirements.

YES. If you have a domain name that you have registered previously with another company, then you can certainly use your existing domain name with a new web hosting package purchased from HostGator, you just have to select that option when ordering your package.

All you need to do when using your existing domain is change the nameservers to the ones provided by HostGator, which will be listed within the welcome email sent to you after you purchase a web hosting package.

You change the nameservers inside the members area of the domain registrar you used to register the domain, as that is where the options are to change them. You will usually see an option to “Change Nameservers” or “Change DNS”. The actual process will differ, depending on the domain registrar you use, but is usually a straight-forward process.

If you have difficulty trying to find the option to change them, please view the FAQ of your domain registrar, or within their tutorials section, as most companies provide clear step-by-step instructions. Alternatively, you can request support from your domain registrar for assistance OR they may even be kind enough to do this for you.

You can use our 1 cent HostGator coupon code on any package, although the amount of discount you attain will depend on which package you select.

As you have found this website looking for the 1 cent coupon, this means you want your first months web hosting for 1 penny, which is only available on either the “Hatchling Plan” or the “Baby Plan”, based on the shared web hosting packages and the monthly billing cycle option.

If you decide to select any other billing option such as 12, 24 or 36 months billing option to get a bigger discount, then you would only attain a $9.95 discount on the total invoice using the following coupon code: 1centOMG, which is not your best option.

You can use our secondary coupon code: 25percentOMG, which will attain a discount of 25% off your total invoice, which is especially useful when purchasing web hosting for 12, 24 or 36 months in advance and will save you the most money in the long run.

That’s a great question, as there are literally millions of different websites that offer the same type of HostGator coupon code, as the demand for this particular service and coupon is extremely high.

What makes our coupon code unique, is the fact that we offer you a valuable bonus if you decide to use our coupon, which includes 2 logo designs especially for your business (according to your own personal requirements, ideas, colors and style), which will be designed by our in-house team of professional web designers who specialize in photoshop editing.

Here’s a few examples of the awesome logos designed by our team:

Free Logo Design

As you will notice when researching the different websites that offer this coupon, they do not make the effort to add additional value if you use their coupon. We decided that by offering this bonus, it gives you something of real value that you know you are going to need once you build your new website.

After all, if you are going to purchase a web hosting package with HostGator anyway, why not get our awesome bonus at no extra cost to you, as you will need a logo for your new website no matter what, so this bonus will take care of that requirement.

All you have to do to claim this free bonus, which has a real value of more than $49, is simply use ANY of the HostGator coupon codes found on this website (1centOMG OR 25percentOMG), when signing up for your web hosting package.

Once you have received a welcome email, simply visit our contact page on this website to provide us with your domain name, so we can verify you signed up using our coupon. We will then reply with a few simple questions about the style of logo you want, so you have the chance to send us your own personal ideas and preferences.

It can take around 7 days for our team to design your 2 free logos from start to finish and as soon as they are ready, we will send you another email with a ZIP file that contains your logos. All you need to do then, is unpack the files using something like PeaZip or WinRAR, so you can access the image files and upload to your website.

You can now enjoy your new professional logo and make a great first impression when people visit your website.

HostGator are committed to making their web hosting services stress-free and simple for their customers, so as an added bonus, the team at HostGator will transfer your website from your existing server, to your new server over at HostGator, completely free of charge.

All you need to do is load up live chat on their website & request a free site transfer, then sit back, relax and wait for an update from technical support once the site transfer is complete.

It does not get any easier than that and is especially useful for people with little server experience, as it can be a little complicated at times when trying to successfully transfer a website from one server to another.